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Qucik & Easy Construction Site Security Camera Solutions

It’s a lot harder than people think to get security cameras out on a construction site. Using IP Security Cameras can make things a lot easier as all they need is an internet or network connection. Below is a time lapsed video from such an IP Security Camera at a Construction Site. Click here to read more about Construction Site Camera Security and Materials Theft Prevention .


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Stage and Event Rentals (A subsidiary of CFR Inc.) will now be providing staging and other production hardware rentals and services to customers in the US and Canada. This new services will focus on venues in the rage of 2,000-20,000 and will be an extensions of the short term technology rentals that the firm has provided for the last 20 years. Visit for more information on Staging and Event Rentals.

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Write a Review or just Vote on Middltown Ohio

The Middletown Review website is now live. You can cast your vote on the worth of any Middletown Ohio business or leave a comment letting us all know about your experience. Stop by and try it out anytime and I guarantee it’s the most fun you will ever have on a Review Website for Middletown Ohio. LOL (It’s of course the only review website you will ever find for Middletown)

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VX6700 – Pocket PC Technology That’s Almost Amazing ( Through no fault of its own)

VX6700I just got back from the Verizon store. My company was kind enough to hook me up with a nice new VX6700 Pocket PC Phone. Wanting to put it through a few test runs I brought up its Remote Desktop app and connected remotely to my office desktop computer. I was able to log in, browse my desktop, see all the apps I had left open earlier in the day. I was impressed. So I get the crazy I idea to send my boss a thank you right from my office e-mail using this Remote Desktop connection. So I type up the e-mail and go to hit send when I am unpleasantly reminded how unstable most Microsoft apps tend to be. That’s right Outlook on my local desktop stopped responding and had to be shut down. You know: “Send” or “Don’t Send”. The only thought that ran my mind was “Classic”, followed by the thought that went something like: “Perhaps a Blog Post would be a good way to say thanks”. Well that and of course dozens of more posts done from where ever this cool little device and I end up. So, thanks again John Beagle and our Nationwide Service Organization ,the, for the chance to truly have such an enjoyable job.

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Samsung Goes 3D

Looks like there is yet another reason to buy a new large screen TV: Samsung announced last week that they are ready to ship a new line of DLP High Def sets that are, with the help of a PC and some Samsung Software and some special glasses, ready to convert your ho-hum 2D viewing experience to an extra dimension. 3D content in HD sounds like a good fit for sporting events or perhaps even console games. Click here to read more and watch a Video on the new Samsung 3d TV.

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Vista – Still a todller

Not sure who would name their kid “Vista” but one thing I know is this kid is still an infant. An infant I would like to pop on the bottom for sure but an infant with a lot of hope and promise. An interesting forum I came across the other day was a Vista 6 month report card. If you want to see more of my opinion on this unruly infant stop over and join in.

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Lower light could be better for Security Cameras

It is hard to imagine that you would actually help your Security Cameras by lowering the light but an article on says exactly that. Apparently with today’s technology that allows a camera to see in low light it’s better to have an evenly spread light level than it is to use a few high powered spot lights that just blast a particular area with light and leave the fringes in the dark. Though with the use of wide dynamic cameras this problem could be overcome it would be much better to put some time and thought into your lighting situation up front. Then of course just use the best Day/Night camera you can afford or is the most cost appropriate for the project. Vist the source of this article to  read more about CCTV Security Camera Lighting.

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Dell 24″ (2407FPW) LCD Great For Guild Wars

Dell 24My wife and I have been big Guild Wars fans for over a year now. We spend at least a few hours every week improving our characters, helping friends, farming for drops or skills, and in general have always enjoyed the game. However last night once we hooked up a new Dell 24″ LCD to my wife’s computer I can see the game could be a lot more entertaining. The 24″ wide screen display running at 1920 x 1200 is absolutely stunning in the game. No more worries about using valuable screen space for hero skill bars, or other dialog boxes. With this monitor sitting next to me i could hardly keep my eyes on my own 19″ screen. If any of you have been thinking about an upgrade I can highly recommend the Dell 2407FPW. For an in-depth review of 24″ LCD displays see this PcWorld page which currently has the Dell in first place.

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Websites becoming much more dangerous every day

According to recent reports malicious websites are being created and existing sites are being compromised at an alarming rate. It appears that with e-mail counter measures becoming more wide spread hackers are turning to web pages as a quick and easy method to spread viruses and malicious code. For updated news on malicious web sites see the discussion thread.

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McCormick Place Audio Visual Rental Options

Being a mid-west based computer and audio visual rental firm we can’t really say enough good things about the Chicago McCormick Convention center. We are truly fortunate to have a facility of this size and quality in our back yard. For those of you however that are not here with us in the mid-west I can highly recommend a new web page we just put up for all the latest McCormick Center news, event schedules, weather, and equipment rental information. In my opinion the combination of local information along with the full range of convention and trade show technology rentals makes this page worthy of a book mark for anyone attending the McCormick center.

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