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Hartford Civic Center Computer Rentals & Google

If any of you know me you will know I work for Xponex Web and Media Services. Our largest client is (A Nation Wide Computer Rental Firm) and they are very pleased with our work.

Results of course speak louder than words, or even Blogs, and the result that matters is the natural Google ranking for the search term “Computer Rentals”. Plural we are number two and singular we are number one.

Key to our success is thousands of pages on thousands of topics involving Technology and the need for its short term rental.

Recently we have been working on a series of rental pages for convention centers. The first in the series was the McCormick Place Rental page which was instantly successful beyond our wildest dream.

Always looking to find something that works, so we can stick with it of course, we did our second Convention Rental Page last week for the Hartford Civic Center.

Contrary to our expectations this time we can’t get Google to index the new Hartford Civic Center Rental page despite pointing to it dozens of times.

That is of course the one problem with this job. That being you do your research, write good content, do all the right things, and some times it just falls flat.

Well hopefully Google was just taking a break from our “New England States Computer Rental” theme and they will come around soon so the rest of you guys can see the nice work we are doing. LOL

August 6, 2007 - Posted by | Computer Rental, Uncategorized

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  1. I agree, it can be hard at times to index many of your sites in google. Trial and error i suppose.

    Comment by Alex Solis | August 6, 2007 | Reply

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