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Guild Wars Support – BOT Response

This is a copy of the response I received the other day when I complained to NCsoft about all the BOTS running around in Guild Wars. To follow this from the beginning please read from the bottom up.

BOTS by the 1000’s
 Discussion Thread
 Response (GM Dynamite)  
Hello,Thank you for contacting the Guild Wars Support Team.

We appreciate your report of the bots in Guild Wars and assure you that we take each report seriously. The Guild Wars Support Team is very aware of the bot situation in game and we take action against them everyday. However, as we take the ultimate course of action against an account that is guilty of using third-party programs to automate gameplay (we close them permanently), it sometimes takes time to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the account is indeed breaking the rules. Although it may seem at times like we are not doing anything about it, we are actually at work 24 hours a day observing, investigating, and closing as many of these accounts as we can find. We do apologize and invite you to join one of the many discussions that are ongoing on any of the fansite forums regarding this for the development team to read (

Please contact us if you have any further questions.


The Guild Wars Support Team

Please visit the Guild Wars Support Center at

 Customer (Andrew Wendt)  
The auto response mentions nothing about my question.If you don’t mind can you tell me anyting of your plans to stop all the BOTS.

BOT – “Robot” or a type of computer program that do automated tasks. Such as farming.

They are in my opinion making this great game look very bad.


 Response (Erick)  
Hello,Thanks for getting in touch with the Guild Wars Support Team regarding a potential rules violation.

Please note that we are unable to investigate violations based on information from external sources, or by researching IRC handles, external forum names, or other account names that are outside of the Guild Wars service. However, if you have witnessed this type of violation within the Guild Wars game, please let us know the following details:

– What was the date and time (including time zone) of the incident(s)?
– What is the name of the character(s) you are reporting?
– What is the name of the character you were playing at time of incident(s)?
– Did you have any screenshots of the incident? (If so, please ensure they are under 2 megabytes and in JPEG/.jpg or GIF/.gif format and attach them to this message.)
– Do you recall any additional details since you sent us your initial message?

Your information will aid us greatly in researching this issue, and we thank you for your assistance. Please note, however, that we are unable to reimburse you for any items or gold lost as the result of a transaction with another player. Also, all information related to the discovery and disciplining of an account will only be discussed between the violator and customer support. If we do find that a rule or rules were broken, you will not hear of any rulings related to the incident and the account(s) involved.

We appreciate your support of Guild Wars and your interest in keeping the game world pleasant for all players.

The Guild Wars Support Team

 Customer (Andrew Wendt)  
I love this game (have all 3 GW games) but seeing all the BOTS running out of town faster than I can count them makes me sick.Why should I buy any more of your games if you can’t or won’t stop this?


Andrew,The Answers below were automatically selected and shown to you by RightNow SmartAssistant when you submitted your question. This is simply a log for your records of what you were presented with.

Title: Security FAQ – Guild Wars

Title: Missing Pre-Order, “Game of the Year,” and Prerelease Items

Title: Is Guild Wars an MMORPG?

Title: Will I remain competitive without buying expansion packs?

Title: Inactive Guild Wars Characters

 Question Reference #070*****
Product Level 1:  Guild Wars
Category Level 1:  Game Play
Date Created:  08/04/2007 10:35 PM
Last Updated:  08/06/2007 02:40 PM
Status:  Waiting
Department:  Bug Report
PlayNC Account:  none
Game Account:  none
Operating System:  Windows XP Professional
Character Name:  *******


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