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Top Ten Signs You Should Not Be A Tech

Becky Roberts in a Recent Tech Republic Blog post very eloquently described ten signs that you are not cut out to be a support tech.

However Mrs. Roberts is obviously a well educated writer and I fear she has inadvertently written above the average reading level of her target audience. That target audience being readers who should themselves not even think about becoming a support tech.

To put her top ten signs in a language that her audience may more easily understand I have taken the liberty of re-phrasing her points as you will see below:

Top Ten Signs You Should Not Be A Tech

1 – You think every other tech in the world is a newb.
2 – You took a tech job just to further your career as a cowboy.
3 – You want to be a tech so you won’t have to deal with people.
4 – You thought it was just something fun to do from 9-5
5 – You don’t care if your company goes bankrupt as long as the backups are good.
6 – You think stress is something that only happens to managers.
7 – You want a star on your monitor for every smart thing you do at the office.
8 – If at first you don’t succeed, quit.
9 – You think problem solving was something you did in 7th grade math.
10 – Words Words Words – Don’t talk to me I’m a Tech damn it!

To see the original list and the source for this story visit:

August 29, 2007 - Posted by | Technology News

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