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Remote Dekstop With Two Monitors!

Anyone who remotely manages an XP Pro system using Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) software should be happy to learn about the improved Version of RDC. 
With the improved RDC (Terminal Services Client 6.0) you can now use it from your multiple monitor system and span/view multiple monitors of the remote client being monitored.
From what I hear it looks as good as it sounds but there are two things to consider:
Your local monitors must have the same screen resolution as the monitors being monitored and resolution on the monitor to which you are connecting must be less than 4096×2048.
To get started you first launch RDC from your multiple monitor system.
Next just open a command prompt and type “mstsc/span”.
Now just complete the connection settings in the dialog box and connect.
Once connected you can switch from the RDC multiple monitor session to a normal display and a regular window by pressing [Ctrl][Alt][Break]
This does only work for XP Pro systems but with the slow growth of Vista that’s fine with me.
 Follow this link to Download  of the Remote Desktop (Terminal Services Client 6.0)

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