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AMD Phenom – Harsh User Reviews

Few new products are received without a some criticisms. However after months of waiting it appears that AMD fans have few kind words for their purchase of the new Quad Core AMD Phenom 9500 that hit the shelves earlier this week.

To give you an idea of how poorly this chip has been received below is a snippet from the last ten user reviews I found on-line.

– “Under-performs compared to competitors solutions”
– “slower while still using the AM2 socket”
– “..they don’t have anything that even rivals with intel!”
– “Where is the AMD’s Price/Performance ratio?”
– “These things are not worth the wait”
– “Only 2.2 ghz. No AM2 + boards yet.”
– “Price for one thing…a 5000+ BE or 6000+ is a better value at this point”
– “basically have no reason to got phenom on the desktop”
– “In all seriousness, there is NO REASON to buy a Phenom!”
– “After all this time and waiting, gonna sell this rig for auction and go the better VALUE Intel.”


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For something to be desirable it has but to be slightly out of reach.

All I want for Christmas is an 8800GT!And so it is this and every Christmas season that those things that are hard to find become for many of us an obsession. And without fail there is always that one thing that your mom, your 6 year old, or even your wife wants each Christmas that you just can’t find anywhere.

Of course from Black Friday on we are reminded of the people who stood in line for 2 days to purchase “their obsession”. We are bombarded with TV commercials, radio ads, print ads, and gossip about how great these practically unattainable things are. This of course only builds on our desire to possess these items and drives us deeper into our obsession.

This year I have learned the hard way that this problem is even worse when that one thing that is slightly out of reach is something you want, I mean NEED, for yourself, and that one thing is a new shiny 8800GT Video Card for your PC.

In this case I am bombarded with ads for video cards I don’t want to buy because I must have the 8800GT with its 112 shaders, 512mb of RAM, and single slot design. If it only had “a compass in the stock and a thing which tells time” we could remake A Christmas Story by replacing the official Red Ryder BB-Gun with an official  EVGA 8800GT KO purchased for not a penny over the suggested manufacturers retail price.

In the case of technology however there is always that voice in the back of my mind that tells me a new and better model is around the corner. This voice helps counter that little demon on my shoulder, most likely put there and being paid hourly by my credit card company, who says buy now at any cost. Though in this case the next new video card technology and it’s release date is a closely guarded secret, one must keep the faith that it is just around the corner and that prices will continue to fall.

Despite my fears of the declining value of the dollar that’s what I am telling myself, to hold tight, and by writing this article I have kept myself off the web, and for at least 30 minutes have kept my obsession under control.

However if you have any thoughts on which 8800GT or better video card you would recommend for an avid online gamer who is eager to see Call of Duty 4 and Crysis look it’s best before the first snowfall please leave me a comment.

*UPDATE – I have been running the new EVGA 8800GT now for about a week and could not be more pleased. Well with a computer part that is. But Call of Duty 4 is 100% nicer and more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this card to anyone in need of a video upgrade.

For more news on Video Cards and PC Games vist our Tech-Army Technical Forum.

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A Short History of the Ohio 35th Volunteer Infantry Regiment

So what do you ask does an American Civil War Infantry unit have to do with technology? Well that’s a good question and its simple answer. Technology has enabled me to tell the story to countless more people than I could ever hope to chat with in my lifetime. Via Blogs, Websites, Forums etc. technology has given me the reach once obtained only by accomplished journalists or writers.

Technology has allowed me to quickly post the story in dozens of places where people, who are interested in American History, or the history of Middletown Ohio, can quickly find it and after a 10 minute read be a little more informed about our past.

So if you have 10 minutes and an interest in our ancestors those who gave “their last full measure” so that this nation should not perish then follow this link to the Middletown Community Website.

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RSS Feeds For The WinIn case you are Paris Hilton, or one of her close friends, and have been out partying non stop for the last ten years you may be confused by the above subject line. However to be fair there is a possibility that you have been in the Artic Cirlce studying the effects of global warming and  not had much spare time to stay up on your web technology.

So if you fall into the second category above then thanks very much for your hard work. If you fall into the first category then you may want to consider a career in Artic research. But either way to play it safe we will start at the beginning.

And from the beginning this article is about a little web gadget called an RSS feed. Also before I forget “FTW” is a common chat abbreviation meaning “For The Win”.

So anyway, earlier this year something really good happened. Something that has the potential to change the way Small and Medium Business (SMB’s) communicate with their customer base. For the rumored price of $100 million dollars Google bought a little known company called FeedBurner.
This little thing called an RSS feed has been around since 1999 but with the Google acquisition of FeedBuner it’s oh so much better. Although there are several valid meanings for the RSS acronym the most common, and useful for this discussion, is Really Simple Syndication.
The purpose of an RSS feed is to summarize the content of a web publication or web feed. In some cases the RSS feed could actually contain the entire content of the original story depending on how it is set up. Just so we don’t get lost on terminology a web feed could be anything that gets published on the web, be it in a blog, a website, a podcast, etc. Or in other words an RSS feed is another way to share and announce data on the web. In an earlier post I referred to the RSS feed as the new “Newscast for the SMB”

SMB’s can take advantage of this new way to share data in several ways:

An RSS feed allows even the smallest SMB to have the largest of audiences if they have good content to publish.

The basic RSS service is free, and aside from the time and effort to write marketing material which has to be done regardless of the medium of distribution, the potential cost savings over the traditional printed materials marketing approach is astronomical.

RSS information is disseminated around the world almost immediately. Once “out there” your material will reside on the web almost indefinitely.

RSS feeds if based on well written content and distributed properly can bring increased traffic to your website.

RSS feed reader can more easily stay on top of current market trends. This could give the RSS user an edge over a competitor who waits for the market news from the slower traditional media outlets.

So if this sounds good to you so far, and you are telling yourself you will give this a try once it becomes more common, then hold on because you will not believe how common it already is.

RSS readers are now built in to Windows Vista and many RSS goodies can be found in Windows Live.

RSS headline animators, such as this RSS Animator for a Nationwide Rental Company, that summarize and link to your latest content can easily be placed on your website for no charge.

RSS feeds are indexed and distributed automatically by Google every day to thousands of e-mail accounts eager to read news about a particular industry.

RSS feeds are monitored and displayed in search results on Google News.

RSS feeds from your Blog or Web site can be generated automatically with free software from FeedBurner.

So if you have been putting off implementing an RSS feed for your SMB I would say you should be running out of excuses by now. If you are still looking for excuses there is always some research to do in the Artic Circle.

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