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Spineless Yahoo Sends Two Innocent Men To Jail

Yahoo Wimps Out And Rats Out MonksThough I would much prefer to keep on the lighter side this issue needs all the attention we can give it. Earlier this week members of Congress showed no mercy to Yahoo Chief Executive Jerry Yang whose firm has been blamed for the imprisonment of two innocent pro-democracy advocates in China. 

You see in China there is no concept of the internet being an open and free medium on which to exchange ideas. As evidence of this just do some quick reading on The Great Firewall of China. Instead the internet is looked upon as just another tool by which to monitor and arrest those who speak out against that state. The two men mentioned above, both Chinese nationals and monks I believe, were arrested and sentenced to ten years in prison for leaking “state secrets”–namely, forwarding an e-mail that detailed press suppression to an overseas advocacy group. The mention of such a subject was in itself a violation of Chinese law.

Congress called Yahoos actions “spineless and irresponsible” and to that I must agree 100%. But in a larger sense I think we as members of “the free world” must accept some responsibility and we must realize that despite our efforts to be better global citizens we have looked at China through a blind eye.

We as a society shun those who are not friendly to the environment, we boycott those accused of employing slave labor, we protest against those who might be perceived to be restricting our freedoms, yet we ignore the constant repression of an entire people. How can we be so blind? How can we be so hypocritical? How can we hide our heads in the sand and think that these problems will not affect us some day? How can we not see that our own addiction to cheap and deadly Chinese goods only serves to empower one of the largest police states to ever exist.

You see a real Police State such as China, that is so willing to deny basic human rights to its own people, will not hesitate to act in it’s own interest in a much broader scale regardless of the consequences to others. So while we bide our time in this self induced state of denial the Chinese Police State grows ever stronger and we, the entire free world, become ever more dependant and closer to our day of reckoning.

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