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Just wanted to thank my friends at Xponex Media Services  for the nice job they did cleaning up all of our Microsoft pages on our Computer Service Now website.

They gave it all a nice navigation structure and added additional content to pages like those on Microsoft Volume Licensing.

The pictures and the updated Microsoft News box with links to our other pages ,such as the Microsoft AER Programreally bring a common theme and look to all the pages.

So ultimately this is just another example of using a web design company to get the job done so I can have more fun on other projects, like home remolding.


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A Blog Too Far

Operation Market Garden comes to mind as I ponder the first post in my new Projector Blog. In particular I find myself focused on the bridge at Arnhem, which was of course the farthest point of the allied advance during the largest airborne operation of World War Two. If you are movie buff you will recognize the bridge at Arnhem as the subject of the 1970’s movie “A Bridge Too Far”. Which brings me back to my concern over this new blog: Is this a blog too far?

If we had more time or more troops we might be able to take that bridge… I mean if we had more man hours from a larger staff of writers we might be able to keep this blog active, but as it stands I fear for the worst.

Perhaps if we give it a good try 30 Corp. will break through and relieve us before we are completely overrun. If I only had Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins and Gene Hackman leading the attack on the blog I might feel better.

But as it stands it’s just Alex Solis, Kyle Thompson, Bill Rogers, and myself. Also for the record, even in the movie, Robert Redford, Ryan O’Neal and Elliot Gould were not enough to save the day… So here it goes anyway.  LOL 

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Marketing Computer Service – The Fun Side

Nationwide Computer Service

As most of you know, I am a Technical Writer for
Xponex Media Service. My days are often spent writing about some rather dry material. Even though I am a former technician / computer hobbyist, and still do a good deal of consulting for both the computer service and security camera industries, even I find it hard to get over-joyed about theMicrosoft Education Reseller program.

However there are a few things I have always enjoyed about my employers attitude. That is they believe, as do I, that to do something well, and especially marketing, that you must be able to do it or present it in a way that you find enjoyable. Because after all, if that fun is not there for you, it will show in your work and the product of that work will suffer.

This of course leads me to the reason I chose to call this article “Marketing Computer Service – The Fun Side”. The reason is simple. This project we are on for Computer Service Now allows me to write content using my imagination. No one tells me not to mention famous quotes from history, no one tells me not to let my imagination run wild, and most importantly no one tells me to stick to the dry facts.

If you look at the recent pages I have written for California Computer Service, Illinois Computer Service, New Jersey Computer Service, Illinois Computer Service or even
Texas Computer Service, I hope that you can tell I enjoyed creating that content.

Enjoyment in ones work, to me at least, really makes the day goes fast. On the down side, as there is always more work to do, having the day go by so fast can be a bit depressing.

So if you have any free time I hope you visit our recent project for our favorite Nationwide Computer Service Company and take a minute to see if you can tell what is still “dry facts” and what I had fun with.

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