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New laptops offered by computer rental vendors.

New Comptuer Rental ProductsNew laptop technologies are making their way into short term rental inventories of the nations leading technology rental suppliers.

Some new laptop features that are fast approaching commonplace in rental inventory include: Windows Vista, Dual Core Processors, Ultra Portable Laptops, and even one new marketing ploy that has laptops being matched with projectors in a businessman’s special if you will.

Visit this Computer Rental blog to read more about these new laptop trends and other short term technology solutions.


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CCTV Cameras – With Live Monitoring

Having already made a few posts about our latest push to fill out our “city pages” for our Security Cameras in Texas. I just realized I had neglected to mention one of the coolest things from Texas that I have seen this week.

This cool thing is a video of an actual materials theft from a construction company. The theft was recorded by a CCTV monitoring firm. Yes a firm that monitors your security cameras in live time. That was of course no random thing as the construction company had contracted with a firm to insure that their CCTV security cameras were monitored in live time.

This live video monitoring works much like a traditional alarm system. When the intruder came over the fence the video monitoring company noticed the crime in progress and called the police. As you will see in the video the thief was caught red handed.

So if you have ever considered having your GeoVision security cameras monitored in live time, in Texas, or anywhere in the country then watch this video and perhaps you can imagine how a live CCTV monitoring service could work for you.

To request a qutoe to have your security cameras monitored you can call at 877-422-1907

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Litterbugs on CCTV in the UK

CCTV Litterbugs In The U.K.Ok, if you have read any of my past editorials on CCTV and Crime in the UK you may have picked up on my opinion that the UK has gone to far with their saturation of CCTV cameras across their little island. I have said that they have more cameras than they can afford to monitor. I have said that putting video surveillance in the hands of any government, is by the very nature of government, the most inefficient and at the same time dangerous thing to do. BUT there is a new idea coming out of the UK today that I just can’t help but like.

The likeable idea is using CCTV Security Cameras to fine litterbugs. Because if there is one thing I hate, outside of thugs, drug dealers, etc.. it’s litterbugs. It’s impossible to go anywhere here in the US without watching some one throw a cigarette butt on the ground, a sandwich wrapper out of their car window, or any amount of trash blow out of the bed of a pickup truck driving down the road in front of you.

Not that I have ever had the urge to hug a tree mind you. But the needless and senseless assault on our own communities at the hands of people who are so lazy and stupid that they lack the common sense of a dog who knows by instinct alone not to poop in it’s own cage, is more than I can take.

Apparently the Councils of Bournemouth and Poole will be giving this a try this summer. With their existing CCTV infrastructure, and even the cell phone video of the general public, they hope to catch and fine drivers who throw rubbish from their cars.

Though as one UK Council Leader pointed out: “This government’s law often doesn’t match what’s on the tin, and very often has unintended consequences.” I agree as from my past observations governments often care little about the practical ability to implement or enforce most new laws. That being my theory I am hopeful that trend will continue this time. Because of course I hate litterbugs that much.

So if you share my passion on this then please keep an eye out for any new information on the story. If you find any please stop back and leave me an update. Till then best of luck to my fellow litterbug haters in the UK.

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