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Tips2008 – What is Yahoo Thinking?

The other day I get this e-mail from my boss. In the e-mail he only says “Go to Yahoo and check out this search result for Computer Rental Tips2008”, which I read several times and wondered to myself if he intended to leave out the space between tips and the date.

Coming to the conclusion that no one would intend to leave out the space I proceeded to Yahoo and did the search with the space. Making it of course “Computer Rental Tips 2008“. The results were what I expected. I would say that about one third of the first 10 results were pages that our marketing company had written. From our Technical Discussion Forum, to our Small Business Magazine, to those content sucking scrape sites, it was nothing that I did not expect to see.

But the next day when my boss was back in his office he asked what I thought of the Yahoo Search, and I replied that it was exactly what I expected. To this he disappointedly answered, “Not with the space, without the space”.

So this Yahoo search interested him, the search of “Computer Rental Tips2008” with no space there at the end, because it returned a complete bunch of garbage. I mean not a single page on that search result was anything but a total SPAM page. So really what he is interested in is why the Yahoo Search Engine did not suggest that space between the word “Tips” and the year “2008”, and secondly why does Yahoo even bother to index the worthless list of results that the above search returned?

Unfortunately neither of us had the answer, but for me at least it did raise one more question, and that is “With a search engine this bad, could a Microsoft purchase do anything but improve the Yahoo product?”

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House – A Place You Put Your Favorite Technology

Technology - The Fun Stuff In Your HouseEver stop and think that technology changes the way we think about our own house? Have you yet admitted that George Carlin was right when he said “a house is just a place to put your stuff”? Ever notice that more and more in today’s high tech world that stuff the house is arranged around is computers, large screen displays, projectors, and expensive kitchen appliances?

Having just moved a very nice 52” Sony DLP out of our living room to our basement, because we realized it was just too much of a good thing for that small space, I just realized that almost every room in the house is designed around a certain piece of “technology stuff”.

For example that 52” monster is now in the basement, in a bedroom actually. Of course the bed and the Lazy Boy in the room are sitting in just the right spot to have a great view of the TV set. So when you walk in you of course see a bed, a desk, a chair and an amazingly big TV that is obviously saying to the bed: “I don’t care what they call this room you are just here so that kid can be comfortable when he looks at me!”.

There is one more finished room in the basement and it is at the present time our computer room. There are two high end gaming PC’s set up in there and soon it will hold a third. This room is struggling as my wife finds the basement chilly no matter the time of year. This is a big problem for me as I love my PC and want to spend more time with it. This is another example of how the room is just there for the stuff. Because in this case the stuff is great, but the room is cold, so the room needs to get its act together, get a little warmer, and tell my wife that her stuff misses her.

Having just bought a new shiny stainless steel GE Refrigerator and stove it’s of course obvious that even the kitchen is arranged around these giant machines that are really a sort of “food technology stuff”. Do any amount of kitchen research and you will have to agree that a good layout depends on where that stuff is. Something about a “work triangle”, I don’t know, I just stare at the pictures of all the shiny stuff.

My last thought takes me back to that living room. That one room that now lacks that one piece of technology to give it a purpose. I can’t help but wonder about a ceiling mounted 1080p projector to save space and I have even considered a projector rental to make sure that’s the right choice of stuff for the room. But at this point it’s a toss up between the projector and a smaller HD LCD or Plasma TV.

So the living room stuff is my next project. But it’s also a project that I imagine will never end. For as long as we live in houses we will fill them with stuff, we will obsess over which room is the best choice for which stuff, and what is the best stuff to put in them.

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