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Link Baiting From a Noob

Well at least I could say that my first attempt at any serious link baiting was fun. I put together a stupid script and Kyle Thompson designed a simple flash using stick figures.

Our angle was based on what could happen if you try to take your own giant plasma display to a trade show. Becasue of course our client woudl prefer you rent their equipment. This of course does have its merrits but we still enjoyed makeing the video and since the client has the great attitude that almost any new content is good content we knew there would be few rules to worry about.

So the link bait itself atcually comes from the content being a story about a guy that tries to save moeny by doing it himself and destroying his plasma and the title we gave the project which was “How to preserve the life of your plasma TV“.

Anyway if you get a chance watch the video and feel free to tell me how sad it actually was.

But some day when you Google “how to preserve the life of a plasma”, and if not you, then someone else will, remember this stupid post.

: )


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The things you see on the internet

Having fallen victim to the occupational mental illness that causes one to enter every thought into Google I was graphically reminded today of the hazards of my malady.

The random thought and word that went into the Google search today was “leads”. Not a word or a search that anyone would expect to be “Not Safe For Work”, but as my dad might say, “Wrong again potato breath”. Ok I can’t really be sure dad ever said “potato breath” because it was something different there at the end each time. But you get the idea.

So anyway the following link is a screen shot of my Google search results for leads and I think I may have to reconsider my previous post about how bad Yahoo is. Just Kidding!

**Update – Despite the opinion of my college Bill Schiering this is not Google learning to return the sort of images I normally search for. That’s funny but not an option. It was also a standard search meaning I expected no images in the result. Finally the result was verified at the time by the rest of the Xponex staff and it is truly Mr Schiering’s loss that his search results for leads, hours removed from my attempt, now return a different set of images.

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