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Fall is here again and to our dismay a customers highly diversified approach to marketing has cost them a few positions on the all important Google search output for the term “Plasma Rental“. Fall is of course the prime season for convention and trade shows and a very important time for the customer. A prime product duing this season is AV rentals. That’s Audio Visual rentals of course as in say a Plasma Rental or a Projector Rental.

It’s obvious of course that not many people will be flying into town this fall for the big Webmastersworld’s Search & Internet Marketing Conference at the Las Vega Convention Center with a 50” plasma in their checked baggage.  So this is the time, or more to the point past the time, to get the word out that offers a full line of AV rentals.

We did make a silly flash video a few months back about a plasma rental, we had some poor stick figure guy taking his own plasma to a trade show at the McCormick Center in Chicago and of course he broke it.

But like I said in the last few months the client has been distracted and had us on other projects. Since they have not asked us to get back to that vertical it has been ignored.  This did give us the chance to remind the client that Google values freshness and if you want to be the number one search result you need to remember to put out the effort with content and links.

So enough crying as of course I need to get back to that little problem.

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