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A Blog too far – Goes very far

I have often wondered what it says about me that I so often think I am wrong. There have however been a few times when in some disagreement with my wife that I have known beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was right. At such times I have proudly stood up for myself, demanded a concession, and left no stone unturned in my arrogance … before I was each time proven wrong.

This time though being wrong truly appears to have paid off. You see a few months ago we started a new Blog about projectors. You may have seen my post here where I talked about my fear that we had created a “Blog too far”. Not to be negative, as don’t forget its apparently self confidence that is my main problem…but at the time I could not imagine having the staff or the content to make such a Blog a success.

Well today I am proud to announce I was wrong again!

Our projector blog, which I simply entitled “The Projector Blog” is now number one in Google on the term “Projector Blog”. What exactly is that worth? I don’t really know. But it has to be better than having your blog be search result number 56 on that term.

So you don’t get the wrong idea I will tell you what having your Blog or website being in the number one Google position for your primary search term will do for you. Being number one in Google, for a quality search term, can result in significant traffic. Or at least significantly more traffic than being lower ranked for any given term. Traffic, along with the quality SEO work, and frequent quality content, that most likely got your Blog or website to the number one spot in the first place, will result in Google Page Rank.

In our case the combination of traffic, rank, and a general improved web presence of our Blog gives the commecrial links we have placed their more value. Having created a ranked site with lots of on topic non commercial content we have now added links to our projector rental websites. Websites like and On these linked websites we help business customer’s source short term projector and audio visual rental equipment that is primarily used for conventions, training classes, sales or marketing presentations, or other special short term events.

So sorry to burst your bubble but just because you found a great website with lots of useful articles that don’t try to do anything but make you better informed… that does not mean the site authors are writing the content out of the kindness of their hart. Could be.. but unlikely.

So if have ever wondered why people create purely informational Blogs there is one reason, of course Google Ads could be another but that’s a topic for another day. Until then be sure to check out our new highly ranked Projector Blog!

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