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iPod Touch – Not Just For Kids

iPod Touch - Not Just For KidsIf you know me, or even just occasionally read some of my web content, you may have noticed that I have been a lifelong Apple hater, however as of this Christmas that’s about to change.

You see my wife and I decided that we would like a second generation iPod Touch for Christmas. We opted for the 32GB model as we both love music and have a very large MP3 collection. It was our only gift to each other and we bought it a week or more ago, so I have had plenty of hands on time with the product and plenty of time to re-think my old prejudices.

In the past I have thought that iPods and most Apple products were just for kids. Their cool factor was only ammunition for my theory that they were all bling with nothing much any serious user could take advantage of. (The publishing and graphics industries excluded.)

But after the last SMX (Search Marketing Expo) we here at the office (Xponex Media Services) have been devoting a lot more time, a lot more enjoyable time, in the online social world. And it’s in the social world that I have fallen in love with the iPod touch. With its built in Wi-Fi connection and free apps for Twitter and Facebook it’s easy to pick up the iPod and make a quick post at any time of the day or night.

It’s also easy to use the built in Safari browser and check your favorite blogs, and websites. For example: You just put a cup of coffee in the microwave for 30 seconds and you think to yourself, “Whose on Monday Night Football tonight?”. Well in that case you just grab your iPod Touch and with two clicks, given that you have bookmarked, you have your answer before your coffee is warm. And its keyboard, unlike many other portable devices I have used, is actually easy to type on.

Of course the iPod has several other built in features that us older people like, such as instant stock updates, weather, and Google Maps.

Not being a total stick in the mud we of course bought a cassette adapter so we can play our MP3 collection through the car stereo, and my wife has already downloaded and watched several new movies on the iPod. It’s easy and not too expensive to buy or rent movies from the Apple store. My wife has family about 1500 miles away and the movies were a great way for her to pass the time at the airport. Speaking of air travel, another advantage of an MP3 player is that unlike a cell phone that may store some of your music you don’t have to keep your iPod off during any part of the flight.

Now, a day after Christmas, my only regret is that we bought only one iPod Touch.


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Passion – The Missing Business Ingredient

Being involved in many aspects of our SMB operation I spend a good deal of time reading articles that would bore most people. Well, actually I think many of the articles should bore most people. These articles may range from the slightly boring, such as ways to take advantage of social networking, to the extremely boring, such as Health Savings Accounts VS. Traditional Health Insurance.

Very rarely in that SMB community do I come across anyone attempting to explain the importance of passion to the success of a business. Never have I come across anyone attempting to illustrate passion with a Warhammer Online Video.

However, if you can, imagine with me how much more successful any business could be if lead by someone this passionate. Imagine how much more your employees would believe in their company if exposed to this level of excitement. Imagine how much more willing the staff would be to execute the plans and visions of management if asked to do so from someone who was this devoted to the cause.

And No I Do Not Own A Copy of Warhammer.

* Note – This video is really not about a video game, it’s about passion.

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Technology Plus Hobby = Fun

I came across this great silly WW2 post the other day on

It was actually a post on Photobucket. However after that photobucket link got all the traffic from Digg it pretty much went down. Something about bandwidth exceeded. Actually that’s just one possible option, the other being all my friends are noobs.

So I just did a little save as, moved the file to my domain and here you go, a funny little animated gif on World War Two.

FYI: The original source is as follows: “”

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