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Verizon Hates IP Phones – Cancels VoiceWing

Verizon VOIP No MoreI am going to guess that most of you did not even know Verizon offered a VOIP solution called VoiceWing for residential customers. I for one have never seen that guy on TV, you know the guy with glasses and like 1,000 other people standing behind him, mention anything about VOIP. In hindsight, I would have to guess those 1,000 people had nothing to do with it, because much like every other VOIP service I have ever tried, the Verizon line quality was rather poor. Perhaps it’s my internet connection, just my luck, or just the way it is. I don’t know and I don’t care.

What I do care about is that Verizon has discontinued the entire service and I know this will end up costing me more money and that’s not my idea of Fun Technology. On January 22, 2009 we received a “Dear John” letter from Verizon with the bad news. They are breaking up with me. That’s right, no more VoiceWing, no more inexpensive low quality VOIP phone and not even the common courtesy to give me a reach around, I mean suggest an alternative solution.

Click here for a copy of the Verizon VoiceWing Cancellation Letter.

From what little I can find out about the situation it appears that the problems may be related to the struggling firm with whom the service was sub-contracted. That, coupled with the obvious lack of commitment to VOIP by that guy with the glasses and his 1,000 buddies, was apparently enough to kill the program.

So my little cheap Verizon VOIP service will be no more as of March 31, 2009; but, as a parting gift, I can keep the phone number and that little box that the phone plugs into. Yeah!

P.S. Verizon guy with the glasses:
I will be dropping my Verizon cell service as soon as my contract expires and switching to AT&T. Yep that iPhone rocks!


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MMORPG Monitors – Big is Good!

It looks so much better in real life

It looks so much better in real life

I imagine it has been about a year ago since I posted about the Dell 24″ LCD we purchased. That old post would have talked about how great Guild Wars looked and how I wished the monitor was mine. Because you see I had bought the monitor for for my wife. Now a year later my wife has somehow managed to get her old PC on that Dell 24″ and her “new” PC has worked it’s way up to the living room and found this Samsung 40″ LCD.

The Samsung 40″ LCD (A series 6 TV using the new 120Hz refresh rate) was of course purchased to be our new living room TV after a recent home remodel. We wanted something that was 1080p yet not so large that it cramped our options when it came to the living room layout.

Well all I can say about that plan is.. FAIL. As a keyboard, mouse, headset, etc hardly leave room for classic living room options. In place of my plan we have this giant TV / computer combo crowding into a space I had imagined would have been used for a small breakfast table.

Enough of this whining and I will deal with my wife later. But for now what I wanted to talk about was how Amazing this Samsung LCD is for computer games.

The set is, as I mentioned before is a 1080p 120Hz model, and the computer is running at a resolution of 1920×1080. The picture above is the best I could do with my little Cannon digital camera. Any blur you see is from the motion of the characters on the screen and my cameras / my inability to find a setting that would work well to capture a clear image of the set. So that blur was not on set, it’s just a camera thing.

So of course with the great looking environment Guild Wars has, as do many MMOPRG games, this big monitor just makes it all look better. Thought MMORPG games are not noted for their high frame rate requirements, and for the most part do not require the latest and greatest video card, at no time did I see anything other than a smooth and great picture while playing Guild Wars.

Even when my wife switched over to Call of Duty 4 the display looked great, again no lag or hint of any reason why this Samsung TV could not easily replace any traditional computer LCD that I have ever used.

A quick FYI about the PC we are using. It’s an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.4GHz and it’s using an Nvidia 8800GTS with 760mb.

And the set itslef is a : Samsung LN40A650 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV with RED Touch of Color

Click here to see a full size photo of the Samsung 40 Inch and Guild Wars on my Andy Wendt Flickr page.

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AMD Phenom – Harsh User Reviews

Few new products are received without a some criticisms. However after months of waiting it appears that AMD fans have few kind words for their purchase of the new Quad Core AMD Phenom 9500 that hit the shelves earlier this week.

To give you an idea of how poorly this chip has been received below is a snippet from the last ten user reviews I found on-line.

– “Under-performs compared to competitors solutions”
– “slower while still using the AM2 socket”
– “..they don’t have anything that even rivals with intel!”
– “Where is the AMD’s Price/Performance ratio?”
– “These things are not worth the wait”
– “Only 2.2 ghz. No AM2 + boards yet.”
– “Price for one thing…a 5000+ BE or 6000+ is a better value at this point”
– “basically have no reason to got phenom on the desktop”
– “In all seriousness, there is NO REASON to buy a Phenom!”
– “After all this time and waiting, gonna sell this rig for auction and go the better VALUE Intel.”

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Remote Dekstop With Two Monitors!

Anyone who remotely manages an XP Pro system using Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) software should be happy to learn about the improved Version of RDC. 
With the improved RDC (Terminal Services Client 6.0) you can now use it from your multiple monitor system and span/view multiple monitors of the remote client being monitored.
From what I hear it looks as good as it sounds but there are two things to consider:
Your local monitors must have the same screen resolution as the monitors being monitored and resolution on the monitor to which you are connecting must be less than 4096×2048.
To get started you first launch RDC from your multiple monitor system.
Next just open a command prompt and type “mstsc/span”.
Now just complete the connection settings in the dialog box and connect.
Once connected you can switch from the RDC multiple monitor session to a normal display and a regular window by pressing [Ctrl][Alt][Break]
This does only work for XP Pro systems but with the slow growth of Vista that’s fine with me.
 Follow this link to Download  of the Remote Desktop (Terminal Services Client 6.0)

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That Blank Line At The Top Of Internet Explorer

After seeing three customers in the last month use the Google or Yahoo’s search tool in place of the Internet Explorer address line I am starting to wonder if computers are making people stupid.

From experience I long ago learned that there is no point in trying to cure some one of this ridiculous habit as they literally won’t understand the words that come out of my mouth when I try to explain it.

If you are afraid to let your mind come down to this level and are still hoping you have misunderstood what I am complaining about then sorry about your luck. I am literally talking about people who would go to and type in “ “, find that site on the results page, and then follow the link to the actual page.

If people get any dumber I would imagine that some day Microsoft would replace the address line with their own internet search bar or perhaps with some pretty advertisement that requires you to click on a monkey to win a prize. The address line could then just become an advanced option for geeks or other throwbacks to the old days when you had to understand what a website was before you could go to one.

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Hartford Civic Center Computer Rentals & Google

If any of you know me you will know I work for Xponex Web and Media Services. Our largest client is (A Nation Wide Computer Rental Firm) and they are very pleased with our work.

Results of course speak louder than words, or even Blogs, and the result that matters is the natural Google ranking for the search term “Computer Rentals”. Plural we are number two and singular we are number one.

Key to our success is thousands of pages on thousands of topics involving Technology and the need for its short term rental.

Recently we have been working on a series of rental pages for convention centers. The first in the series was the McCormick Place Rental page which was instantly successful beyond our wildest dream.

Always looking to find something that works, so we can stick with it of course, we did our second Convention Rental Page last week for the Hartford Civic Center.

Contrary to our expectations this time we can’t get Google to index the new Hartford Civic Center Rental page despite pointing to it dozens of times.

That is of course the one problem with this job. That being you do your research, write good content, do all the right things, and some times it just falls flat.

Well hopefully Google was just taking a break from our “New England States Computer Rental” theme and they will come around soon so the rest of you guys can see the nice work we are doing. LOL

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Access Control – / – Nationwide

Access Control Starter KitTwo very large Nationwide Computer Service and Technology Vendors today announced a new plan to cooperate on the sales and installation of Access Control Systems.

Apparently with thousands of members with this skill set it was time to tell some one about the service.

Follow this link to read more about this new Nationwide Access Control service.

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Vista – Still a todller

Not sure who would name their kid “Vista” but one thing I know is this kid is still an infant. An infant I would like to pop on the bottom for sure but an infant with a lot of hope and promise. An interesting forum I came across the other day was a Vista 6 month report card. If you want to see more of my opinion on this unruly infant stop over and join in.

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