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Lone Star Demolition – Middletown Ohio

Not being able to sit here at my desk knowing the Lone Star was being razed just next door. I climbed to the roof with my trusty old Cannon PowerShot s50 and took this lousy low resolution video in the bitter cold. The wind was blowing so hard I was worried about being so close to the edge of the roof on our four story office building. And yes that’s snow you see blowing around there.

Click here for news on the Middletown Lone Star fire that of course caused the building to ultimately be demolished.

Be sure to visit the Middletown Community Forums to discuss your thoughts on the Lone Star Steak House rebuild.

O… and if you are wondering where the “Fun Technology” is in climbing to the roof of a four story building on a cold, snowy, and windy day to stand there for three minutes to take a movie.. well right, I don’t know either.


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The Birth of the Middletown Fire Department

Technology and history have been both my hobbies and my main source of employment now for well over 25 years. So you can imagine my interest in locally produced videos on topics such as the History of the Middletown Fire Department.

Though I lack any experience in video I truly appreciate the work and effort that local fireman and videographer David Von Bargen has put into this excellent video linked below. In this seventeen minute video David takes us though some early history of Middletown and the birth of the Local 336 Fire Fighters Association.

I understand that David is working on a new video using interviews from retired Middletown Fireman who were present at one of Middletown’s largest fires on rerecord. That sounds very interesting and hopefully that project will be completed shortly.

To read more about Middletown visit the Middletown Ohio Community Website and follow this link to see David’s video on The History of the Middletown Fire Department.

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