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Smart Phones: Not Just For Grown-ups

In the continuing effort to entertain babies and children, parents are now turning to their cell phones.  But not in the way you might think.  Parents have always handed their phones to their children when the need for a quick distraction arises and a number of cell phone toys have been made, as well.  But new applications being made for smart phones are taking children’s interest in the phone beyond the shiny screen and buttons. 

Whether you’re looking to calm a crying baby, play an educational game, or just keep your children entertained for a few minutes, there are apps available to cover it all.   Need to get your baby to sleep in a noisy (or silent) place? Try Apple’s White Noise Lite.  The app makes just enough noise to drown out everything else, allowing your baby (and maybe even you) to sleep in even the least opportune of places.  If you are driving down the road and your baby is screaming because she dropped her rattle, there is no need to worry – just hand her your iPhone.  The Baby Rattle Bab Bab app’s sound and appearance are pleasing to your baby and function just as a rattle does.

Your smart phone can come in handy when you’re dealing with an older child, as
well.  Jenny Reeves of San Antonio tells Fox News that she allows her sons to flip through pictures of themselves and their dogs when she needs a quick way to pass the time and her older son – age 3 1/2 – is learning how to email his grandparents.  And it’s not all fun and games.  Parents are using apps as everything from baby monitors to health trackers.

There are numerous other types of apps for children of all ages including trivia questions, movie clips, and number and letter games.  These are great for long plane and car trips, or sitting in a restaurant, awaiting an order. Alex Bloom, the president and CEO of (a website that sells over 140,000 apps for various phones) claims that several hundred of those apps are directed at parents with young children.  

As with anything, there is a debate as to whether or not allowing your child to play with or depend on a cell phone is a good idea.  Some argue that $300 is a lot to pay for rattle while others insist that the idea of allowing your child to play with the phone advances their technological know-how and improves and enhances abilities such as spelling and grammar.


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Fun New Technology Blogs

A Monitor Technology BlogSo what fun technologies have I come across this month? The answer is plenty and I have been making my staff blog about these fun technologies on a few new blogs we have started.

My favorite so far is called simply “A Monitor Blog“, as you would expect this blog is dedicated to display technology. Not just monitors for computers or television displays for your home entertainment center, but rather the entire spectrum of current news and advancements with any and all display technology. Another new and fun blog we have been working on is a PC Game Technology blog. This blog is another broad based look at the hardware and software that make up today’s PC gaming world. With an office full of avid PC gamers this was a natural.

Finally a bit of what I consider fun. We have a new web site dedicated to leasing computers and audio visual equipment. For those of you who are familiar with our core business you might wonder why it took 20 years to make this a focus or at least give computer leasing some fair and balanced treatment on our website. Well I wonder too. But the project is done and now we will be turning it over to our people at to get it out there in the search engines.

Alright on last bit of fun that a lot of my friends in our COD4 clan are looking forward to: That would be the soon to be released Call of Duty 5 game for PC. Though not a fan of the Pacific Theatre in WW2 I am sure I will be buying it, if not for myself, than for my little boy who is so easily swayed with the slightest bit of good marketing.

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House – A Place You Put Your Favorite Technology

Technology - The Fun Stuff In Your HouseEver stop and think that technology changes the way we think about our own house? Have you yet admitted that George Carlin was right when he said “a house is just a place to put your stuff”? Ever notice that more and more in today’s high tech world that stuff the house is arranged around is computers, large screen displays, projectors, and expensive kitchen appliances?

Having just moved a very nice 52” Sony DLP out of our living room to our basement, because we realized it was just too much of a good thing for that small space, I just realized that almost every room in the house is designed around a certain piece of “technology stuff”.

For example that 52” monster is now in the basement, in a bedroom actually. Of course the bed and the Lazy Boy in the room are sitting in just the right spot to have a great view of the TV set. So when you walk in you of course see a bed, a desk, a chair and an amazingly big TV that is obviously saying to the bed: “I don’t care what they call this room you are just here so that kid can be comfortable when he looks at me!”.

There is one more finished room in the basement and it is at the present time our computer room. There are two high end gaming PC’s set up in there and soon it will hold a third. This room is struggling as my wife finds the basement chilly no matter the time of year. This is a big problem for me as I love my PC and want to spend more time with it. This is another example of how the room is just there for the stuff. Because in this case the stuff is great, but the room is cold, so the room needs to get its act together, get a little warmer, and tell my wife that her stuff misses her.

Having just bought a new shiny stainless steel GE Refrigerator and stove it’s of course obvious that even the kitchen is arranged around these giant machines that are really a sort of “food technology stuff”. Do any amount of kitchen research and you will have to agree that a good layout depends on where that stuff is. Something about a “work triangle”, I don’t know, I just stare at the pictures of all the shiny stuff.

My last thought takes me back to that living room. That one room that now lacks that one piece of technology to give it a purpose. I can’t help but wonder about a ceiling mounted 1080p projector to save space and I have even considered a projector rental to make sure that’s the right choice of stuff for the room. But at this point it’s a toss up between the projector and a smaller HD LCD or Plasma TV.

So the living room stuff is my next project. But it’s also a project that I imagine will never end. For as long as we live in houses we will fill them with stuff, we will obsess over which room is the best choice for which stuff, and what is the best stuff to put in them.

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