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WiMax – Nothing big is ever easy.

I just came across an old post by my co-worker Alexander Solis from last October. Alexander wrote a little WiMax Primer on our Computer Service Blog.

 One of the first lines in that post mentioned that WiMax should be hitting big in 2008. So wanting to see how “big” it had gotten I started to do some more research. Of course the first thing I notice is that several months after Alexander’s post there was a big problem between the two major WiMax players. (Those players of course being Sprint and Clearwire.) It appears that late last year Sprint lost their CEO and WiMax champion, ultimately putting the billion dollar deal in a tail spin.

However within the last few weeks it looks as if new hope on the horizon, as Intel has agreed to kick in two billion dollars to get his big project going. So all is not lost when it comes to the dream of roaming the country on a super fast high speed wireless network, but it may be the only big WiMax thing that happens this year is more talk and more back room deals.


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