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Passion – The Missing Business Ingredient

Being involved in many aspects of our SMB operation I spend a good deal of time reading articles that would bore most people. Well, actually I think many of the articles should bore most people. These articles may range from the slightly boring, such as ways to take advantage of social networking, to the extremely boring, such as Health Savings Accounts VS. Traditional Health Insurance.

Very rarely in that SMB community do I come across anyone attempting to explain the importance of passion to the success of a business. Never have I come across anyone attempting to illustrate passion with a Warhammer Online Video.

However, if you can, imagine with me how much more successful any business could be if lead by someone this passionate. Imagine how much more your employees would believe in their company if exposed to this level of excitement. Imagine how much more willing the staff would be to execute the plans and visions of management if asked to do so from someone who was this devoted to the cause.

And No I Do Not Own A Copy of Warhammer.

* Note – This video is really not about a video game, it’s about passion.

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  1. “smash the little guy!” lol

    Comment by Munchee | December 20, 2008 | Reply

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