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A Monitor Technology BlogSo what fun technologies have I come across this month? The answer is plenty and I have been making my staff blog about these fun technologies on a few new blogs we have started.

My favorite so far is called simply “A Monitor Blog“, as you would expect this blog is dedicated to display technology. Not just monitors for computers or television displays for your home entertainment center, but rather the entire spectrum of current news and advancements with any and all display technology. Another new and fun blog we have been working on is a PC Game Technology blog. This blog is another broad based look at the hardware and software that make up today’s PC gaming world. With an office full of avid PC gamers this was a natural.

Finally a bit of what I consider fun. We have a new web site dedicated to leasing computers and audio visual equipment. For those of you who are familiar with our core business you might wonder why it took 20 years to make this a focus or at least give computer leasing some fair and balanced treatment on our website. Well I wonder too. But the project is done and now we will be turning it over to our people at to get it out there in the search engines.

Alright on last bit of fun that a lot of my friends in our COD4 clan are looking forward to: That would be the soon to be released Call of Duty 5 game for PC. Though not a fan of the Pacific Theatre in WW2 I am sure I will be buying it, if not for myself, than for my little boy who is so easily swayed with the slightest bit of good marketing.

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